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British Gothlamentary Elections' Journal

Thursday, July 14, 2005

6:34PM - Perky/Cybergoth Coalition Gotherment condemn Terror attacks

The Prime Perky announced that the recent terror attacks against London indicated that the War against Boredom was going well. Clearly Al Queda have been scared by goths ignoring them into striking out against British Goth but have spectacularly failed to achieve their objectives as no goth clubs were closed as the result of the attacks. The Prime Perky urged every goth to go out and enjoy themselves as the best way of defeating any enemies of gothic freedom.

Meanwhile the Habitation Secretary (the leader of the Cybergoth party) said this cowardly attack had failed to scare British Goths in anyway at all. The Habitation Secretary said nevertheless it was time to step up progress in the Gothbot program, which was already planning and starting to build Giant Monster Robots to defend British Goths. Habitation Secretary further stated: “Our Giant Monster Robot programme is the envy of the world. Soon we will have robots carrying human pilots plus we are working on advanced AI so the robots can function independently. We have a vast number of cybergoths willing to pilot robots to defend the Goths of the UK.”

Meanwhile the official opposition the Deathrock party’s DeathShadow Cabinet stated that those responsible for the attacks were utter bastards. Much gothlamentary debate was held over whether those responsible should be given a stern telling off and have their toys confiscated, be impaled, hung drawn and quartered, locked in a British Prison, or handed over to the Americans.

The DeathShadow Minister for Death however questioned how exactly giant monster robots can stop people placing bombs in the Tube. He also reiterated his demand that a secure committee of the Gothlament should be allowed to review progress on the top secret Gothbot programme as soon as possible, especially on its massive budget. According to rumour the gothbot programme is over budget and behind schedule.

The GID Card moves closer

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Monday, May 23, 2005

1:22PM - Shocking Final Results of the ELECTION!!!!!!

Vote counting was unavoidably delayed because according to a report from the Ministry of Gothministrative Affairs staff needed extra time off work due to other important commitments. So once again let us go to Blackhall to hear the recounted results:

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Thursday, May 12, 2005

11:55PM - Referendum Results

(Results including 6 paper ballots)

Question A - Electoral Fraud. What action should be taken? (89 votes cast)

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1:20PM - Goth Election Crisis - Referendum tension builds

It seems likely that the result of the referendum will be a call for a final recount excluding some ballots thus changing the results of the election.

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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

8:15AM - Electoral Crisis - Referendum called!!!

A statement from MGA has revealed that after experts worked through the night they discovered that a significant number of votes in the election came from newly created livejournals with no entries. It seems these journals were created with sole purpose of altering the election result. The full of extent of this problem is not yet known but an investigation is ongoing. The following journals so far have been identified as suspicious being created around the same time some with the same email address:

sluthawk Created 2005-05-09 08:06:27
actifed Created 2005-05-09 08:10:13
b_b_bonebaby Created 2005-05-09 08:19:14
beezlebubyoof Created 2005-05-09 08:23:19
lucratemilk Created 2005-05-09 08:18:04
victoryparad Created 2005-05-09 08:14:57

Referendum now closed.
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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

7:03PM - Goth Election Crisis - Smiley Ballot Challenged

Recounting of the fifty-four paper and email ballots have now been completed and all are deemed valid except one. This one ballot has been challenged because it has a box marked with a smiley rather than with X or a tick. Tradgoth lawyers believe a smiley face does not indicate an exact intention and it could be a random doodle, and as the ballot calls for a X in the box of the party selected a smiley is in fact a spoilt ballot. The Corpgoth lawyers on the other hand claim that a smiley face obviously shows a direct preferance for the party indicated. Further legal adjudication has been called for. One vote however cannot effect the total results either way.

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10:51AM - Goth Elections Crisis

New developments are breaking on this important story we hand you to our reporter on the spot at Blackhall.

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1:13AM - Election Results controversy continues

Outside No 10 Gothing Street the sounds of loud music is all that can be heard since the Cybergoth Supreme entered the building. Now the door is opening and...

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Monday, May 9, 2005

9:30PM - Complete Election Results

Here we are outside the Gothlament buildings at Blackhall in Whitehall in London. A huge crowd of Goths of all types have gathered to hear the election results being read out. There are banners of al types around saying: “Down with the Perkys! We want real GOTH!”, one huge silver banner in binary, another demanding Free Blood and so on. Wait a second, it looks like the Registrar is about to speak from the balcony:

“As duly appointed Electoral Registrar for the General Goth Election it is my duty to announce the following results for the Gothlamentary elections of May 2005. A total of 713 votes were cast and the total results were as follows:

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8:02PM - LJ Results

The results of the votes in the live journal poll at 8pm were as follows. Full final results including paper and email votes to follow shortly:

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7:59PM - Mini Statements on eighties chart music

smoke_rising asked about “the secret love many old goths have for the truly cheesy stuff that wrecked the 80s?”

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7:50PM - Mini Statement on Big Hair

kid_sportswear asked I'm curious as to official stance on 'big hair'. Obviously the deathrockers and trads will love this, but what of the rest?

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6:53PM - Voting Surge

With about an hour to go there has been a sudden surge in voting over the past few hours and the Tradgoths have leapt into the lead in the online poll.

6:32PM - Party Statements on Anti Social behaviour

caveynik asked What do the parties think on anti social behaviour in our society today?

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5:01PM - Party Statements on Roleplaying

sublevel3 asked “Just wondering about the parties' stand on roleplaying, which to my mind has a had a very negative effect on the goth scene over the years.”

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1:27PM - Parties on Eclectic Musical tastes

dj__twisted asked about eclectic music tastes. How do the parties feel about Goths enjoying a range of musical genres? What if I want to listen to Deathrock, EBM, and Ethereal all in the same day?

Do I have to change my clothing style just because I am at a Deathrock gig rather than listening to Suicide Commando? This is a major issue.”

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11:18AM - Final Party Statements

With over 400 votes cast and a little more than 8 hours to go the parties are growing increasingly frantic. The Cybergoths are still leading, but their percentage of the vote has slipped a little, and the paper and email ballots could have a significant effect. Here in the studio we have representatives from the four most popular parties ready to make final statements asking for support:

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Sunday, May 8, 2005

9:36AM - Party Statements on Indie Guitar music

sarahloo asked "And what about listening to indie guitar music? Do they endorse that?"

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Saturday, May 7, 2005

2:19PM - Parties on Education

sirjustice wanted to know "where do they stand on the education of our younger peers on what it is to be goth and how they should dress?.. lets face it we have an epidemic of mini goths with little to no idea what it takes to be goth... oh and how do they feel about skaters?"

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12:29PM - Party Statements on Fluffy Items

morbidstar wanted to know where the parties stood on all things fluffy.

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